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Fluval Edge Pre-Filter Sponge (1 Pack)

by Fluval

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Key Features

  • Pre-filter sponge for Edge Power Filter
  • Traps small debris to keep filter efficient and aquarium cleaner
  • Prevents small fish from being sucked into filter
  • Easy to install on filter intake
  • Collects & traps fine debris
  • Keeps aquarium water clean
  • Prevents small & infant fish from being sucked into filter
  • Installs eaily over filter intake
  • Designed specifically for Fluval EDGE Power Filter


Fluval Edge Pre-Filter Sponge 1 Pack

This Fluval Edge Pre-Filter Sponge is specifically designed for your Fluval Edge Power Filter. Install on the filter the intake to collect fine debris, improving filter efficiency and keeping your aquarium cleaner. Also prevents small fish from becoming trapped by the filter suction.


Brand Fluval
UPC 015561113878
SKU A1387
Item Number L-XA13879092D66-18766
Size 1 Pack
Weight 0.03 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 4.5" (L) x 1.7" (W) x 1.7" (H)

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Reviewed by Gail G. on Apr 8, 2021

Fits Marineland bio wheel 150 model.

Reviewed by Eugeno & Brianna J. on Apr 6, 2021

Fluval Spec V Betta Friendly Flow

Reviewed by Steve P. on Mar 11, 2021

Works on filter outlets

Reviewed by taylor t. on Feb 13, 2021

Protects my betta, pleco, and ghost shrimp

Reviewed by Raymond S. on Feb 10, 2021

Good for reducing unwanted current

Reviewed by Janice L. on Feb 8, 2021

worked as outflow dampener

Reviewed by Christine J. on Jan 22, 2021

Pretty good solution to limit water flow from aquarium pump

Reviewed by Eric C. on Jan 6, 2021

will save your better fish

Reviewed by Hongsheng L. on Dec 7, 2020

Baffle your filter not your fish!

Reviewed by Sandy R. on Nov 28, 2020

Saved my Betta fish

Reviewed by Dorleta Lodholz on Nov 22, 2020

Bit expensive, but does the job

Reviewed by Christopher H. on Nov 9, 2020

Good for keeping junk out of your filter

Reviewed by Ronald Morgenegg on Sep 23, 2020

Works as a baffle for the out put on the Fluval Spec V Aquarium too.

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