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High Tech Pet BlueFang 5-in-1 Super Collar (1 Count)

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Key Features

  • Remote training, bark control, fitness tracking, electric fence and pet door operation in one collar
  • Patent-pending technology uses smartphone as remote transmitter
  • Lightweight and waterproof with 400' range
  • 4 stimulus modes for customizable training
  • For all dogs over 5 lbs
  • Range: 400 ft
  • Strap Length: 24"
  • Collar weight: 2 oz
  • Battery: Model BF-3V series
  • Meets all FCC requirements
  • Smart phone controlled Bluetooth super collar
  • 5-in-1 functionality: remote training, bark control, electronic fence control, Power Pet Door control & fitness tracking
  • 4 stimulus modes: Tone Only, Shock Only, Tone + Shock, and Clicker
  • Lightweight, waterproof collar with up to 400 ft. range
  • Compatible with iPhone & Android
  • A safe, humane solution to training


High Tech Pet BlueFang 5-in-1 Super Collar 1 Count

High Tech Pet's BlueFang 5-in-1 Remote Training Collar provides remote dog training, bark control, fitness tracking, an electronic fence, and control of your Power Pet Door or Super Scram Mat - all in one lightweight, waterproof collar. This unique system links lets you use your iPhone or Android device as a hand-held controller, allowing you manage the collar from up to 400 feet away!

Easy Setup

The BlueFang collar uses revolutionary, patent-pending technology and proprietary training systems to put a comprehensive dog training system in the palm of your hand - literally! The collar comes ready-to-go right out of the box; all you have to do is download the app for iPhone or Android and use it to set up your custom commands. The app allows you to name and set the stimulus intensity and duration for each command with a swipe of your finger, so you can get right to the action.

Simple Training System

High Tech Pet's STAR (Stimulus Tone And Reward) obedience training system associates positive training tones with desired behaviors and rewards. When you define a command on the app, a unique tone will be assigned to it, making it easy for your dog to distinguish between behaviors. Training with this system is easy:

The tones create powerful triggers that stick in your dog's memory, allowing painless, effortless training. The BF-30 5-in-1 Super Collar allows up to 6 command tones, clicker training, a warning vibration, and a static stimulus for correction.

Effective Bark Control

The BlueFang collar also features HTP's unique bark control technology: a revolutionary system that distinguishes between nuisance and healthy barking behaviors with incredible accuracy. Set the collar to your desired level: Stop All Barking, Stop Only Nuisance Barking (Allow barking at intruders), or Stop Barking and Howling. The collar then uses three stimulus modes (sound only, shock only, or sound + shock) to curb the unwanted behavior in a safe, humane manner. The B-16 can even be tuned to your dog's individual voice to eliminate false triggers!

Electronic Fence and Boundary Control

The BF-30 Super Collar features an integrated e-fence receiver that works with any High Tech Pet electronic fence transmitter. Using HTP's Pulsed Proportional Stimuls system, the collar automatically increases stimulation as your dog moves toward the boundary line. This lets your dog decide how much stimulus is required to keep him inside the safe area, creating a much stronger trained instinct. The BF-30 also works in conjunction with the High Tech Pet Super Scram Mat, as well as HTP sound Barrier and Yard Barrier portable sonic fences.

Power Pet Door Control

A built-in ultrasonic transmitter allows the BF-30 to operate any High Tech Pet Power Pet Door. With this feature is activated, the fully automatic Power Pet Door will open when your dog approaches - perfect for allowing free access in or out.



Brand High Tech Pet
UPC 032868300305
Item Number L-HT30030909133D65-13978
Size 1 Count
Weight 0.6 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 3" (L) x 6.5" (W) x 9.75" (H)

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