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Kaytee Critter Trail Potty Litter (16 oz)

by Kaytee

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Key Features

  • Natural bentonite potty litter
  • Keeps pet's cage clean
  • Hypo-allergenic and dust-free
  • 16 oz.

Kaytee's specially formulated Potty Litter is the perfect litter for use inside your Hamster Potty, CritterTrail Outhouse or Little John Litter Pan. Potty Litter is made from a safe all natural litter that is perfect for hamsters and gerbils. Potty Training your pet is ""E-Z"" when you take advantage of your small animal's natural instinct to eliminate in one area of their home.


Kaytee Critter Trail Potty Litter 16 oz

Kaytee Potty Litter is the sanitary solution for teaching your small pet to "go" where you want it to. Hamsters, gerbils and other furry friends will instinctively use this specially formulated, hypo-allergenic bentonite litter to do their business, keeping the rest of their home cleaner.

Bentonite is pet safe and provides a comfortable surface for your small animal. Simply add Potty Litter to the Kaytee Hamster Potty (sold separately) or any other litter box, follow the "Potty Training Made EZ" steps on the box and your small pet will soon be litter box trained. Ideal for hamsters, gerbils and other small animals.

Directions: Spot clean the litter on a daily basis and completely change the litter every 7-10 days. Box contains resealable, easy-pour bag.


Brand Kaytee
UPC 045125605822
SKU 100079237
Item Number L-PI605829094D62-15747
Size 16 oz
Weight 1.04 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 6.38" (L) x 4.38" (W) x 1.75" (H)

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