Magic Coat Cat Gentle Slicker Brush - 1 Count |

Magic Coat Cat Gentle Slicker Brush (1 Count)

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Key Features

  • Stimulates and massages delicate coats
  • Removes mats, tangles and dead hair
  • Flexible wire bristles don't harm sensitive skin
  • Ideal for all coat types
  • Reduces shedding for all coats
  • Gentle wire bristles for delicate skin & coat
  • Thumb grip control
  • Ergonomic Groomer's Grip handle


Magic Coat Cat Gentle Slicker Brush 1 Count

The Magic Coat Cat Care Gentle Slicker Brush by Four Paws provides a softer touch for your cat's delicate coat. Flexible wire bristles stimulate and massage the skin while removing mats, tangles, and dead hair from all coat types. An ergonomic, non-slip handle gives you more control and a comfortable grip.


Brand Four Paws
UPC 045663113407
SKU 100528821
Item Number L-FF113409094D71-13328
Size 1 Count
Weight 0.32 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 2.25" (L) x 5.75" (W) x 9.5" (H)

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Reviewed by Judy E. on Feb 11, 2021

My cat likes it, but others are scared of it.

Reviewed by Glenette N. B. on Feb 2, 2021

Not for short-haired cats

Reviewed by Mike N. on Feb 1, 2021

Does a Great Job For Long-Haired Felines

Reviewed by Fred B. on Dec 26, 2020

Cats Meow

Reviewed by Benjamin M. on Dec 25, 2020

Just Know Your Cat Well! This Won't Be Good for ALL Cats....

Reviewed by Linda G. on Dec 1, 2020

I have compared it to the many others that I have bought and this one seems like the ends of the tines are more rounded

Reviewed by fran gallina on Oct 29, 2020

The cat approves

Reviewed by Rebecca Wagner on Sep 29, 2020

Five Stars

Reviewed by Leah Starin on Jul 22, 2020

When our cat sees this she comes running to be brushed!

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