Rena Filstar XP Kink Free Tubing 5 ft - 2 Pack

API Rena Filstar XP kink free tubing is a high quality non kink silicone tubing which is 5 feet long and 0.75" diameter. This tubing is factory tubing that will replace tubing in your Rena XP1, XP2, XP3 or XP4.

Key Features

  • Factory replacement kink-free tubing
  • Includes two 5' long replacement tubes
  • Filstar XP Tubing is 3/4" diameter

Replacement Tubing for the Rena Filstar xP Canister Filter. Two pieces of kink free tubing included. Fits all models. Cut to suggested length per manual instructions.


Brand API
UPC 017163207207
Item Number L-720T-853590914D02-12079
Size 5 ft - 2 Pack
Weight 0.022 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 2" (L) x 14" (W) x 14.5" (H)

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Reviewed by Bethany S. on May 19, 2021

Snug fit just like the original. Make sure this is your issue!

Reviewed by Stephen S. on Apr 11, 2021

The tubing that Fluval should have included.

Reviewed by Courtney R. on Dec 24, 2020

Five Stars

Reviewed by Jessica G. on Nov 13, 2020

Will buy again

Reviewed by Sharon F. on Oct 23, 2020

Instructions could be clearer, but there are some youtube videos to the rescue

Reviewed by Brooks H. on Oct 13, 2020

Just like the OEM easy to use. Verify this is your issue!

Reviewed by Frieda Czubak on Sep 7, 2020

Not worth the money

Reviewed by Gail Dierks on Aug 22, 2020

rena gaskets

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