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Seachem Flourish Iron Supplement

by Seachem

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Selected Option: 17 oz

Key Features

  • Iron supplement for the planted aquarium
  • Highly concentrated (10,000 mg/L) ferrous iron
  • Contains no phosphate or nitrate
  • i250 mL / 8.5 fl. oz. (Treats 20000 L (5290 US Gallons))


Seachem Flourish Iron Supplement 17 oz

Seachem Flourish Iron is a highly concentrated iron supplement for aquariums with live plants. Its simple, pure formula is ideal for iron deficiencies and/or situations when iron requirements are greater than what Seachem Flourish can provide.

Flourish Iron contains 10,000 mg/L of ferrous iron (Fe+2) gluconate, a highly effective form of iron that provides greater benefits than ferric state EDTA-iron (Fe+3) sources used in other iron supplements. Plants can only utilize iron in the ferrous state, and must expend extra physiological energy just to make ferric iron supplements usable. Flourish Iron provides plants the iron they need directly, saving time and reducing stress on your plants.

Use Flourish Iron in those cases where iron requirements exceed that which can be delivered by standard Seachem Flourish at the recommended dose, or when signs of iron deficiency appear (including short, slender stems or yellowing between veins).

Directions: Use 1 capful (5 mL) for each 200 L (50 gallons) of water, or as required to maintain about 0.10 mg/L iron. For smaller doses please note that each cap thread is about 1 mL. Use a test kit to monitor iron concentrations. Use as needed to combat signs of iron deficiency (usually seen in new growth).

Guaranteed Analysis:

Iron (Fe) - 1.0%


Brand Seachem
UPC 000116047302
SKU 473
Item Number L-SC047309097D59-17048
Size 17 oz
Weight 1.4 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 7.62" (L) x 2.44" (W) x 2.44" (H)

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Reviewed by Jennifer V. on Apr 18, 2021

Another Good Seachem Product

Reviewed by marlen o. on Mar 29, 2021

Iron= Green

Reviewed by Marsha S. on Mar 1, 2021

Iron substitute. Seachem #1

Reviewed by Michael S. on Feb 8, 2021

smart product

Reviewed by Nathan R. on Jan 9, 2021

Wonderful product, creates a noticeable difference in plants

Reviewed by michelle s. on Jan 5, 2021

Noticable difference

Reviewed by Sheila Key on Nov 29, 2020

As described

Reviewed by Scott Dabbs on Nov 18, 2020


Reviewed by Geetanjali S. on Oct 12, 2020

Great for your aquarium.

Reviewed by Sherri P. on Oct 3, 2020

not impressed

Reviewed by Jorge S. on Oct 2, 2020


Reviewed by Katie Halloran on Sep 7, 2020

Plant food fish tank

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