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Barking is a dogs natural way of reacting to stimuli. It is their natural response when interacting with friends, family and even strangers. Its their own way of communicating fear, trust or just plain curiosity.

Although its quite normal for dogs to bark, excessive barking, can be a potential problem if left unresolved. It can cause a disturbance in your home and neighborhood. More importantly, we always make it a point to try to make our dogs well-behaved both at home and in public places as excessive barking can cause fear and alarm. Why do some dogs behave this way? There might be several reasons why your dog is barking more aggressively than he should.

Black Dog offers you an all-in-one solution that can help with training your dog to bark less and at the proper times the Hush Puppy No-Bark Training System (Model BB5).

Proven effective and safe, its small, lightweight design is suited for all types of dogs weighing 10 lbs. and up. Its durable collar is adjustable from 5 to 24 ensuring that your dog is comfortable at all times.

The Hush Puppy BB5s effectiveness lies in the fact that you can easily select which level is appropriate to your dogs needs. It features 7 training levels to suit your dogs temperament and behavior. Our dogs are also the best security alarms, right? The Hush Puppy BB5 features 5 sensitivity levels to ensure that your dog is free to bark whenever needed, most especially during potentially dangerous situations.

Giving the freedom for dogs to be dogs, the Hush Puppy BB5 is completely waterproof, allowing your dog to roam and explore as much as he wants and still be on bark training. So you can bring him to the lake, the beach, the pool, wherever you need to go. Batteries wont be a problem either. It comes with easily replaceable 6-volt alkaline batteries. Additional features include an easy testing method to ensure that the collar is working perfectly. Its also easy to see the battery status as it comes with a multi-color LED battery life indicator.

The Hush Puppy BB5 is packed with features you would expect to find in other high priced brands only at up to half of their cost. If this wasnt enough, To help you with your dog's training, when you purchase the Hush Puppy No-Bark Training System (Model BB5), weve included an exclusive digital download of training videos from renowned trainer Phillip Paris, absolutely FREE.


Whats in the box?

Whats included in our training video Comprehensive training on why dogs bark, and the proper way to use your Hush Puppy BB5 No-Bark collar, Plus Bonus videos on:

Proper Dog Training EquipmentPerfect Leash WalkingTeaching your Dog the Sit CommandA $20 value FREE just for purchasing a BARKbuddy No-Bark Training System. Dont pay too much for a Bark Collar and waste your money, and dont risk buying a super cheap option that will only disappoint you. With BARKbuddy you get the best of all worlds at a fair and reasonable price.

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