Hagen Thermal Compact Submersible Aquarium Heater 25W


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The Hagen Thermal Compact Submersible Aquarium Heater 25W features temperature adjustment, waterproof seal, pilot light, and ceramic heater core.

INSTALLATION PROCEDURE: The THERMAL COMPACT Aquarium Heater must be positioned in such a way as to allow for the free circulation of water around the glass heater tube. Water must cover the entire glass portion of the heater at all times. Generally the heater should be placed close to a source of water movement to achieve even and thorough distribution of warmed water.

1. Position heater in the aquarium with the heater mounting bracket attached. Press suction cups firmly against glass to adhere to aquarium wall. Wait 30 minutes before connecting to electrical outlet. This allows the heater to acclimatize to aquarium water temperature.

2. Turn Temperature adjustment knob to where the pilot light is just activated. Leave at this setting until pilot light shuts off. Measure water temperature and repeat the above procedure if a higher setting is desire.

3. Do not overturn temperature adjustment knob past its limits as this may damage heater.

4. The unit heats only when the pilot light is illuminated. When the selected temperature is reached, the pilot light shuts off. It will light again only when the heater is required to maintain the temperature.

5. Temperature should be verified with an accurate thermometer after the heater has reached the desired temperature and throughout the life of the aquarium.

CAUTION: This or any aquarium heater must never be operated outside of water. Before removing from water, unplug and allow 30 minutes for heater to cool. Unplug heater during water changes or regular maintenance.
The supply cord of this appliance cannot be replaced; if the cord is damaged, the appliance should be discarded.
IMPORTANT SAFEGUARD: Disconnect the plug of this and any other electrical aquarium appliance before placing hands in water.

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