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One of the best ways to improve your pet's health is to get them to drink more water. And the best way to do that is with the Pet Fountain. Pet Fountain is Simple; Safe and proven to benefit for your pet. The Pet Fountain Continually aerates your pet's water with healthful oxygen. A charcoal filter also removes bad tastes and odors; giving your pet the best possible and most appealing way to stay hydrated! In Pet Fountain water continuously circulates to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water; as Cats and small Dogs love the free flowing fresh water. So your pet can enjoy a fresh; cool drink anytime. Pet Fountain- automatically provides pets with a continuous supply of up to six bowls of cool water. Its Ideal for :
– Drinking your pets.
– Busy; on-the-go pet owners
– Pet's water with healthful oxygen

The fountain continually re-circulates and filters the water; keeping it aerated and clean.This encourages your pet to choose the fountain over toilets and sinks; and to drink more often.With the reservoir equalling six bowls of water; you don"?t have to worry about running out. Ideal for use in multiple pets.

Product Features:

  • Pet Fountain – features adjustable water circulation flow.
  • Adjustable Splashguard Island eliminates water noise.
  • Water bottle is equivalent to six bowls of water circulating down into the drinking bowl area.
  • Uses any 2-liter soda bottle (Not included) or our Pet Fountain Water Bottle (Sold separately)
  • Convenient for busy; on-the-go pet owners.
  • Includes one replaceable charcoal filter.
  • UL listed power adapter included (12V 500mA)
  • Pet Fountain offers One-year warranty

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