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A shiny rhinestone dots the “i” in the aqua and pink “princess” lettering that adorns the brim on this hat. Playful crowns and wands on the fabric complete the fetching look. Available in sizes: XXS; XS; SM; MD; LG (fits animals from 3 to 55 lbs). [R]IMPORTANT: MAKE ADJUSTMENTS FOR YOUR DOG'S BUILD AND WEIGHT.[r] See below for manufacturers guidelines. Use the Weight Sizing Guidelines if your breed is not listed. Visor Style hats are available in XXSmall.

Weight Sizing Guidelines:
50 – 85 lbs – Visor Styles (Large); All Other Styles (Large).

Breed Sizing Guidelines for [R]Visor Styles[r]:
Large – Alaskan Malamute; Bearded Collie; Bernese Mountain Dog; Black and Tan Coonhound; Borzoi; Bouvier Des Flandres; Briard; Clumber Spaniel; Flat-coated Retriever; Foxhound (English); German Shorthaired/Wirehaired Pointer; Golden Retriever; Gordon Setter; Irish Water Spaniel; Irish Wolfhound; Komondor; Kuvasz; Poodle (Standard); Portuguese Water Dog; Rhodesian Ridgeback; Samoyed; Schauzer (Giant); Scottish Deerhound; Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.

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