Blue Life Green Cyano Rx - 1 oz (30 ml) |

Blue Life Green Cyano Rx (1 oz (30 ml))

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Key Features

  • Quickly treats disease-causing cyano bacteria
  • Effective against bacterial growth on rock, plants, gravel & sand
  • Will not discolor water or harm fish or beneficial bacteria
  • Safe for freshwater aquariums
  • Freshwater safe Green Cyano bacteria treatment
  • Easy to use for new & experienced hobbyists
  • Unlike other brands, will not discolor water
  • Veterinarian approved


Blue Life Green Cyano Rx 1 oz (30 ml)

Blue Life Blue Vet Rx Green Cyano Rx quickly treats disease-causing cyano bacteria in freshwater aquariums, without harming inhabitants or beneficial bacteria when used as directed. This treatment removes cyano bacteria from rock, plants, sand, and gravel without discoloring aquarium water.

Prior to Use: Turn off skimmer and discontinue using activated carbon and phosphate remover for 72 hours; they may be resumed after 72 hours, but all other chemical filtration should be removed during the course of treatment. Filter socks are recommended to aid in cleaning the aquarium. Do not use if you have macroalgae or a refugium. Allow 10 to 14 days for results.

Directions: For best results, siphon out as much Green Cyano Bacteria as possible from your aquarium. Remove 1 cup of water from your aquarium and mix with 1 level scoop of GreenCyano Rx for every 10 gallons (37.9 liters) of true water volume in your aquarium. Dissolve thoroughly and pour solution into the aquarium. Discontinue the use of carbon, and ozone during the treatment period. Do not dose in the evenings when lighting is turned off. After desired results are visible, perform a 25% water change and resume the use of carbon, and ozone. If Cyano Bacteria is still visible, perform a 25% water change and repeat dosage.

Note: The best time to start the treatments is in the morning when lighting first comes on. Also, it is important to perform a 25% water change after every dose. In case of accidental tank overdose, the medication can be removed using Clear Fx Pro.


Brand Blue Life
UPC 858542001234
SKU 123
Item Number L-34579098D85-12521
Size 1 oz (30 ml)
Weight 0.14 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 1.5" (L) x 2" (W) x 5" (H)

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Reviewed by Chiquita W. on Mar 20, 2021

This product is freaking amazing

Reviewed by Mary C. on Feb 20, 2021

Temporary Solution, but good to have on hand.

Reviewed by Veronica Marshburn on Nov 6, 2020


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