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API Stress Zyme Plus helps improve the development of the biological filter, as well as cleaning a dirty aquarium. API Stress Zyme contains millions of live, beneficial bacteria cultures to break down and destroy sludge in the gravel bed while keeping grass and plants clean.

API Stress Zyme Plus breaks down organic compounds that can cause dangerous conditions such as ammonia and nitrite poisoning and low oxygen levels.

A continuing use of Stress Zyme will assure an active biological filter, cleaner aquarium, healthier fish, and an overall good water quality. You do not have to keep this product refrigerated. StressZyme can be used in Fresh or Saltwater aquariums and when setting up or maintaining aquarium. Additional features:

When To Use: Use weekly for a healthy, clean aquarium and to maintain a strong biological filter.

Directions: Shake well. To maintain a clean, healthy aquarium: add 1 tsp. (5 ml) per 10 US gallons (38 L) or 1/2 cup (120 ml) for each 240 US gallons (912 ml) of water weekly. For new aquariums to help boost the biological filter: double the dose, use at startup and for 2 additional weeks.


1 oz treats 60 gallons

4 oz treats 236 gallons

8 oz treats 480 gallons

16 oz treats 960 gallons

64 oz treats 3,786 gallons

4 gallons treats 30,240 gallons

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