Lees HerpHaven Rectangular Terrarium

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Lees Rectangular HerpHavens have self-locking lids with hinged viewer/feeders, attachment holes, and airline tubing holes. Use as a reptile carrier, terrarium, or nurseryHerp Havens feature a vented self-locking lid with a hinged view/feeding windowNOTE: Lids may vary in color Black, Green, Brown – let us pick a color for you!The Mini, small and medium sizes…

A Reptile Enthusiast’s Must-Have

Perfect for your crawling companions, this spacious terrarium offers ample room for reptiles to roam and rest. Its secure lid ensures your pet’s safety while providing easy access for maintenance and interaction.

Lees HerpHaven Rectangular Terrarium Photo 1
Lees HerpHaven Rectangular Terrarium Photo 2

Enhance Your Pet’s Habitat

Transform your home into a haven for your herpetological friends with this durable and well-ventilated enclosure. Its rectangular shape allows for efficient space usage, making it an ideal choice for snake or lizard owners.

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