Nylabone Power Play Football Large 8.5″ Dog Toy

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Power up playtime with Power Play Dog Toys from Nylabone! The durable Football Gripz is ideal for pet parents looking for a new and exciting take on a classic football for dogs. Strategically created with our four-legged friends in mind, this ball toy for dogs is designed with an innovative indented shape that is easy…

Quality Chew Toy

Your dog will keep entertained for hours with this large, chewing football toy. The durable material used is made to withstand even the toughest of teeth.

Nylabone Power Play Football Large 8.5
Nylabone Power Play Football Large 8.5

Dog Fitness Aid

This power-play football is perfect for keeping your beloved pet physically active. Its 8.5 inch size is ideal for engaging games of fetch and running exercises.

Veterinarian Recommended

The Nylabone Power Play Football is a vet-approved toy, great for promoting positive chewing habits and reducing destructive behavior. Your pet’s dental health will improve as it naturally cleans teeth and controls plaque and tartar.

Nylabone Power Play Football Large 8.5
Nylabone Power Play Football Large 8.5

Interactive Play

Stimulate your dog’s natural instincts with this entertaining interactive play toy. Its unique grooved design makes it easy for your pet to pick up and have fun with.

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