Pet n Shape Chik n Skewers Dog Treats

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Chik ‘n Skewers Dog Treats are made with real, natural chicken breast fillets on a natural rawhide chew. This longest lasting treat is also great for dogs’ teeth! Each treat is carefully roasted to ensure the ultimate quality and flavor.

A Tasty Canine Delight

Satisfy your furry friend’s cravings with these irresistible chicken wrapped treats. Each skewer is carefully crafted for a delicious, protein-packed snack that dogs adore.

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Healthy Snacking Option

Keep your dog healthy with these low-fat, natural snacks that provide a nutritious alternative to rawhide. Made with real chicken and wholesome ingredients for a happy, healthy pet.

Perfect Training Reward

Enhance your dog’s training sessions with these tantalizing skewers, making obedience training both fun and rewarding. Their enticing flavor ensures your pup’s full attention and eagerness.

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Long-Lasting Chewable

These chewy treats are designed to keep your dog occupied and satisfied, promoting dental health as they spend more time chewing. Give your dog the joy of a long-lasting snack time!

All-Natural Canine Snack

Treat your best friend to an all-natural snack, free from artificial colors and flavors. Each skewer offers the pure taste of real chicken for a wholesome treat your dog deserves.

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