Pork Chomps Premium Nutri Chomps Chicken Flavor Braids

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Premium Nutri Chomps Chicken Flavor Braids are rawhide-free dog chews made with real, oven-baked chicken and pork skin. Nutri Chomps chews are completely edible and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, with a tough braid shape that provides dogs with a satisfying chewing challenge.

Indulgent Canine Treats

Satisfy your furry friend’s cravings with these savory, chicken-flavored chews. They’re designed to provide a delicious and nutritious snack that also promotes dental health.

Pork Chomps Premium Nutri Chomps Chicken Flavor Braids Photo 1
Pork Chomps Premium Nutri Chomps Chicken Flavor Braids Photo 2

Savory Snacks for Pups

Treat your dog to these braided delights, infused with a delectable chicken taste that dogs can’t resist. Made with wholesome ingredients, they’re a healthy alternative to rawhide.

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