Zoo-Max Birdie Pizza Bird Toy

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Studies have shown that toys play a critical role in keeping exotic birds healthy. The Zoo-Max Birdie Pizza bird toy is designed to stimulate your bird by using a large variety of shapes, colors, and textures.

Feathery Fun At Mealtime

Entice your feathered friend with this colorful, edible plaything that’s designed to provide both mental stimulation and a tasty treat. Perfect for parrots and other large birds, it combines fun and flavor to keep them entertained for hours.

Zoo-Max Birdie Pizza Bird Toy Photo 1
Zoo-Max Birdie Pizza Bird Toy Photo 2

Tasty Playdate for Your Bird

Give your avian companion a slice of happiness with this engaging toy that doubles as a snack. Its chewable design is great for beak health, while the mix of ingredients caters to your bird’s love for foraging and nibbling.

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