Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand


Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand 36″ Max Height – 15″ Max Horizontal Arm Length

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Zoo Med Repti-Lamp Stand for Reptiles is for use in suspending metal dome or wire basket lamp fixtures (Great for use with a Repti Clamp Lamp, Economy Clamp Lamp or Brooder Lamp). Easily adjusts to fit most standard size terrariums.

Suspends heat fixtures that would otherwise be difficult to secure or use. Special clips keep power cords secure and out of the way. Lamp and light bulb sold separately.

Powersun UV lamps: Use the Reptile Lamp Stand to vertically orient fixture and bulb. Self-ballasted mercury vapor lamps must point straight down to prevent damage and premature burnouts. Stable foot goes underneath terrarium so stand cannot be knocked over. Decreases vibration/moving of bulbs which will increase the “burn life” of your bulbs.


Small: 12″L x 24″H (10, 15 & 20 Gallon Tanks)

Large: 15″L x 38″H (20-100 Gallon Tanks)

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Weight 3.85 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 × 1.63 × 16.44 in

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