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Seachem Stability quickly stabilizes new aquarium environments and establishes the bio-filter for rapid, safe startup. Its unique blend of aerobic, anaerobic and facultative bacteria break down organic waste and toxic ammonia, nitrate and nitrite to prevent “new tank syndrome,” the #1 cause of fish death.

Unlike competing products, the bacteria employed by Stability are non-sulfur fixing and will not produce toxic hydrogen sulfide. Stability is completely harmless to all aquatic organisms (including aquatic plants) so there is no danger of overuse. The result of nearly a decade of research and development, Seachem Stability represents the current state of the art in natural biological management.

Directions: Use 1 capful (5 mL) for each 40 L (10 gallons) on the first day with a new aquarium. After that use 1 capful for each 80 L (20 gallons) daily for 7 days. Fish and other aquatic species may be introduced at any time as long as dosage is maintained for 7 days. For optimum bio-filter performance use 1 capful for each 40 L (10 gallons) once a month or with each water change, whenever introducing new fish, or whenever medicating an aquarium.

Tip: Use along with Seachem Prime when setting up a new tank to create an ideal safe environment for your fish.

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 5.73 × 5.73 × 1.25 in
Feature 1

New Tank Stabilization System For Marine And Freshwater

Feature 2

Rapidly And Safely Establishes Bio-Filter

Feature 3

Prevents Fish Death From "new Tank Syndrome"


1.4 Lbs.


5.73" (D) X 5.73" (W) X 1.25" (H)





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