SmartBones Rawhide Free Chicken Bones Small

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SmartBones Rawhide Free Small Chicken Bones are a tasty, nutritious alternative to rawhide. These SmartBones Chicken bones are made with delicious real dried chicken breast and contain no rawhide whatsoever.

Great Alternative to Rawhide

Made with real chicken and wholesome vegetables, these small bones are a much healthier choice than rawhide. They help maintain healthy teeth, and your pet will love the delicious taste.

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SmartBones Rawhide Free Chicken Bones Small Photo 2

Satisfying Chewable Treats

These bones are safer for your pet to chew, reducing the risk of blockage compared to rawhide. Plus, they’re enriched with vitamins and minerals for nutritional benefits.

Perfect for Small Dogs

These are specifically made for small dogs, providing them a treat that’s perfect for their size. It not only satisfies their chewing instinct but also promotes good dental health.

SmartBones Rawhide Free Chicken Bones Small Photo 3
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Delight Your Furry Friend

These enjoyable and highly digestible bones can be an excellent choice to give as a reward or just a fun treat. Your dog will appreciate these great-tasting, rawhide-free chews.

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