Purina Busy with Beggin’ Twist’d Chew Treats Original

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Holy Mother of Bacony Bliss! Weve taken the savory, meaty flavor of Beggin and twisted it around a long-lasting Busy Bone. Its a tasty spiral of yum so incredibly amazing that even a posse of passing squirrels couldnt break your furry friend from its mesmerizing spell.

Delightful Canine Snack

Keep your furry friend happily entertained with these twisted treats that combine the savory taste of bacon with long-lasting chewing fun. They’re perfect for keeping your dog busy and satisfying their urge to chew.

Purina Busy with Beggin' Twist'd Chew Treats Original Photo 1
Purina Busy with Beggin' Twist'd Chew Treats Original Photo 2

Tasty Treat for Your Pooch

Treat your pup to the irresistible flavor fusion that’s crafted to make your dog’s tail wag with joy. These chews not only provide a delicious bacon-flavored distraction but also help clean teeth with every bite.

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