Aquatop Aquarium Air Pump

by Aquatop
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Breathe Life into Your Aquarium

Spice up your aquatic ecosystem with a reliable air pump that efficiently oxygenates your fish tank. It is designed to ensure your fish and aquatic plants thrive in a healthier, cleaner environment.

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Quiet and Durable Air Pump

Our user-friendly pump promises minimal noise production, ideal for quiet spaces. Constructed with sturdy materials, the longevity of this device is as impressive as its performance.

High-tech Aquatop Air Pump

Utilize the built-in flow adjustment dial to modify the flow rate to your liking. Its advanced machinery guarantees consistent and adequate oxygen supply to your aquarium.

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Maintain Aquarium Health

The Aquatop Air pump not only beautifies your aquarium with thrilling bubble effects but also keeps it clean. It promotes water circulation, thereby reducing the accumulation of harmful toxins that could harm your aquatic life.

Simple and Versatile Device

Easy to install and operate, our air pump is suitable for fresh and saltwater tanks. Its versatility extends to a range of aquarium sizes, effectively catering to your diverse needs.

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Key Features

  • Adds air bubbles to aquarium water
  • Generates current to agitate water and promote gas exchange
  • Helps maintain healthy pH levels
  • Very low energy consumption
  • High airflow output
  • Super quiet operation
  • For fresh and saltwater aqruariums

Aquatop Aquarium Air Pump AP20 Air Pump (Aquariums up to 40 Gallons)

Aquatop Breza Aquarium Air Pump is a powerful yet quiet aquarium air pump that offers super low energy consumption. The AP-40 handles tanks from 10 to 50 gallons. The AP-100 is the largest in the series and is capable of aerating aquariums ranging from 40 to 100 gallons, and the AP-100 includes a control knob for an adjustable flow rate. Aquatop Breza aquarium air pumps give your aquatic creatures the oxygen they need in order to thrive. An air pump system adds air bubbles, creates a current, and agitates the water to help in filtration. An air pump also aids in maintaining stable and healthy pH levels inside the aquarium.

  • Very low energy consumption
  • High airflow output
  • Super quiet operation
  • For fresh and saltwater aqruariums


Brand Aquatop
Size 20 gallon
Weight 0.5 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 1.75" (L) x 2.75" (W) x 1.5" (H)
UPC 810281018386
Product Code PE8109096D53P12211

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