Aqueon 7-Day Fish Food Feeder

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Aqueon 7-Day Fish Food Feeders will keep 5-6 medium-sized tropical fish fed for up to 7 days. Simply drop the feeder into the aquarium to provide optimal nutrition for your fish while you’re away on vacation.

Efficient Dietary Aid

This feeder from Aqueon provides a beneficial dietary solution to supply your fish with enough food for seven days. Best-suited for fresh or saltwater fish when you are not around to feed them regularly.

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Convenient and Easy to Use

It is a user-friendly fish food feeder designed to provide convenience and reliability. Simply place it in your aquarium, this feeder will dissolve slowly releasing food particles at a conducive pace.

Ensures Optimal Nutrition

Rest assured that your aquatic pets are well-nourished even in your absence with this 7-day feeder. It offers a mix of nutrients and minerals that are effective to keep your fish healthy.

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Travel-Friendly Solution

Ideal for frequent travellers, this provides a hassle-free way to feed your fishes on your busy days or vacations. Ensure that your pets get their daily nutrition without any manual handling needed.

Safe and Secure Feeding Choice

Made with non-toxic materials, this feeder provides a safe feeding choice for your fish. It’s designed to bring both convenience to the pet owners and health benefits to the fish.

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