Marina Foreground Crypt Becketti Aquarium Plant

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Color: Green
Size: 4″ tall

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Decorate you tank with Marina Crypt Beckettii plants. Aquatic plants are important in most aquarium settings.

Authentic Aquatic Beauty

With the Marina Foreground Crypt Becketti, you can create an aquatic paradise in your own home. This beautifully understated plant, perfect for enhancing underwater scenery, offers a lifelike decor element that fish will love to dance around.

Marina Foreground Crypt Becketti Aquarium Plant Photo 1
Marina Foreground Crypt Becketti Aquarium Plant Photo 2

Low-Maintenance Aquarium Plant

Make your aquarium maintenance easier with this durable and realistic Marina aquarium plant. Perfect for any aquarist who demands an effortlessly natural vibe without the intricate care real plants require.

Lively On-Screen Presence

Create an inviting aquatic landscape for your fishes with this detailed, vibrant Marina Crypt Becketti plant. Guaranteed to lend a pop of natural green to your aquarium, stimulating a thriving environment for your underwater inhabitants.

Marina Foreground Crypt Becketti Aquarium Plant Photo 3
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