Nylabone Puppy Chew Teething Pacifier

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The Nylabone Puppy Teething Pacifier is specifically designed for teething puppies to encourage non-destructive chewing, massage the gums and relieve stress. Not recommended for dogs with any adult teeth.

Treat Your Teething Pup

Give your furry friend relief from teething discomfort with this specially designed pacifier. It’s an excellent, non-toxic chew toy to keep your puppy entertained and their teeth healthy.

Nylabone Puppy  Chew Teething Pacifier Photo 1
Nylabone Puppy  Chew Teething Pacifier Photo 2

Puppy Dental Care Solution

Help your puppy sustain excellent dental health in their early days with this pacifier. It effectively cleans teeth, controls tartar buildup, and helps establish healthy chewing habits.

For a Happy, Healthy Pup

See your pup engage in playful activities while also promoting good oral health. This pacifier aids in soothing teething pain and encourages non-destructive chewing habits.

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High-Quality Teething Pacifier

Nourish your puppy’s need to chew with this top-quality pacifier. It’s designed to last, meets your puppy’s teething needs, and is a safe alternative to chewing on furniture or shoes.

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