Weco Wonder Shell De-Chlorinator (Giant - For Fish Ponds (1 Pack))

by Weco

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Key Features

  • Helps keep aquarium clear and maintains stable pH levels
  • Adds necessary minerals while removing chlorine
  • Great for goldfish, livebearers, cichlids and more
  • Weco Wonder Shell Is Great For Ph Control, Calcium Carbonate, Water Hardness Control.
  • Contains Calcium Carbonate; Sodium Thiosulfate; Major, Minor, And Trace Elements Including Magnesium Sulfate.
  • Magnesium And Calcium Been Proven To Help Fish During Stress And To Help Prevent Disease Due To Acid Buildup In The Body.


Weco Wonder Shell De-Chlorinator Giant - For Fish Ponds (1 Pack)

Weco Wonder Shells are great for pH, calcium and water hardness control in small aquariums and fish bowls. These all-in-one treatments provide calcium carbonate, sodium thiosulfate, and necessary trace elements, including magnesium.

Weco Wonder Shells provide magnesium and calcium, which have been proven to help fish during stress and to prevent disease due to acid buildup in the body. These shells instantly remove chlorine and chloramines from tap water while also clearing cloudiness. Scour inner glass walls with a Wonder Shell to remove scum and to deter its return.


Small: Bowls up to 1 Gallon

Large: Tanks up to 5 Gallons

Super: Tanks 10-15 Gallons

Giant: Fish Ponds


Brand Weco
UPC 028023840007
SKU 84000
Item Number L182949093P18294
Size Giant - For Fish Ponds (1 Pack)
Weight 0.1 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 8" (L) x 3" (W) x 3" (H)

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Reviewed by Dennis H. on Jun 10, 2021

Great for my snail, and it even made the water clearer!

Reviewed by Kathryn L. on Apr 19, 2021

My snails are exploding in population.

Reviewed by Frances C. on Mar 26, 2021

Reviewed by Kevin R. on Mar 13, 2021

No Visible improvement.

Reviewed by richard l s. on Jan 4, 2021

These are the best thing ever!!!!!!

Reviewed by Darren G. on Nov 1, 2020

Effective with shrimp

Reviewed by Jim M. on Oct 26, 2020

6 stars! These things are amazing! Can't recomend them enough!

Reviewed by Brian S. on Sep 25, 2020

Wow! Crystal clear

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