Cat Scratching Posts: Your Cat's Needs and What to Buy

Cat Scratching Posts: Your Cat's Needs and What to Buy

Published: March 31, 2021

When we think about cats, the first thing that probably comes to mind is their claws. Cats love to scratch with their claws, and a scratching post can keep them from destroying your furniture and door frames. There are many different types of scratching posts available, so how do you find one that your cat will be interested in? In this post, I'll answer this question and give you some tips on what to look for when purchasing a new scratching post or scratcher for your feline friend!

Cats have a number of reasons for scratching things, but most often it's because they're marking their territory and stretching out their muscles after waking up from a nap.  This is why you might want posts in several different places around your home - near the cat litter box, around furniture that may be scratched during playtime with other cats, and even outside!

Cats are also natural climbers, so ideally, posts should be tall enough for them to climb on in addition to stretching and scratching. This is especially important if you have a larger cat or more than one feline in the home!  The post can either stand on its own (such as with sisal rope), or it might just be something like carpeting wrapped around an existing pole.

Cat trees that pets can use to scratch, climb, perch, and sleep on are good options. They tend to be taller and sturdier, so you don’t have to worry about them tipping over and scaring your kitty.

One of the best types of material to use on a scratching post is sisal rope, which has been found by many experts as the most effective kind.  But sisal rope can be expensive.  If there's only one cat around then you could get by with something like an old tree stump from outside instead. It might take some time before he gets used to it but once his claws get into all those grooves, he might just love it!

If you find that your cat is not using their new scratcher at first, don’t give up! Try sitting a toy or treat on the top of it to entice them. Once they use it for the first time and start earning rewards from doing so, they will continue to do what makes them happy, which in this case would be scratching away.

Here's some questions and answers to help you narrow down the best type of scratching post to get for your pets.

What types of material is your cat drawn to?

Some cats prefer carpet, while others like wood door jambs. 

Your cats needs and what they want can vary from one to another. It might take some trial-and error before finding the perfect scratcher. You may even want to try multiple types of posts at once until you find out which ones you cat likes best.

How sturdy is it?

Some cat scratchers are just not sturdy enough for the cat to use. If you have a larger or heavier animal, then this is something that needs consideration when looking at different options.

How big is it?

Be sure not to make the mistake of buying a scratching post that is too small for your cat. If it is too small, then they will not be able to stretch out their paws in order for them to get a good scratch and this can lead the animal feeling frustrated or even bored with using what you have bought! 

There are plenty of options available so make sure those measurements fit well into whatever space you have available.

Will I need more than one scratcher?

If you only have one cat, a single scratcher may be enough, but we recommend getting a few and then rotating them out. This will ensure that the scratcher is always in good shape and your cat won't get bored with it too quickly!

What if I have more than one cat?

A couple of cats can share a scratcher, but you may want to get one for each cat.

Cats are social animals but will enjoy having their own space.

Here's one final tip: Catnip may entice some finicky kitties into trying out new items, while others might prefer something without any scent added.

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