Preventing Dental Disease in Dogs

Preventing Dental Disease in Dogs

Published: March 23, 2021

Preventing dental disease is very important and should not be overlooked. Dental care is given priority in the general health care of dogs nowadays because of the association of dental diseases with other systemic health issues in canines.

Antibiotics should be given in the initial stage of any tooth infection.  If ignored, this may cause specific infections and the organisms may spread to other nearby regions like the oral mucous membrane and pharyngeal region, etc.

During the teething stage, if puppies aren't provided toys or other bony material to chew on, the dog may develop dental issues later in life.  Also,  acidic or alkaline foods should not be given to dogs in order to avoid possible damage to teeth enamel.  

If there is evidence of bleeding from the gums or other areas of the mouth, the dog should be examined thoroughly for any dental abnormality.  There could be injuries from chewing and should be attended to immediately as a preventive step. If not, the animal may end up with a secondary bacterial infection.

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