Mardel Copper Safe F/W or S/W (4 oz)

by Mardel

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Key Features

  • For ick, velvet and other external parasites
  • Saltwater and freshwater medication
  • Treats water for 1 month
  • Will affectively treat ich, protozoan velvet, and parasites.
  • Invertabrates must be removed before treatment begins.
  • Coppersafe may also be harmful to plants and some snails.


Mardel Copper Safe F/W or S/W 4 oz

Mardel CopperSafe Saltwater and Freshwater Medication is a broad spectrum aquarium medicine formulated to fight off ick, velvet and other external parasites. It effectively keeps aquarium water clear of parasites for up to one month.

CopperSafe is safe to use with UV Sterilizers, Protein Skimmers, Wet/Dry and Diatomaceous earth filters. After treatment, Coppersafe can be removed from the aquarium by water changes, fresh activated carbon or other chemical filtration resins/pads.

Directions: For each size use 5mL for 4 gallons of water. Treats water for 1 month. Chelated copper treatment is recommended for the treatment of ick, flukes, anchor worms, velvet, protozoan diseases and other external parasites.


Brand Mardel
UPC 080531420201
SKU 42020
Item Number L136099096P13609
Size 4 oz
Weight 0.4 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 1.5" (L) x 1.5" (W) x 5" (H)

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Reviewed by Loren K. on Jan 30, 2021

The ONLY and BEST way to get rid of parasites, ick, and fin rot.

Reviewed by June T. on Jan 30, 2021

Five Stars

Reviewed by KIRIASUK W. on Dec 3, 2020

How much

Reviewed by Mickey B. on Nov 23, 2020

Very good stuff

Reviewed by peggy h. on Nov 4, 2020

Works without temperature changes or frequent water changes.

Reviewed by Barbara Compton on Oct 6, 2020


Reviewed by Weldenia B. on Sep 18, 2020

Kills parasites

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