Pondmaster Mag-Drive Pump Impeller

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Key Features

  • Replacement impeller for Pondmaster Magnetic Drive pumps
  • Fits Danner, Pondmaster and Supreme Mag-Drive Pump 24
  • Includes impeller, impeller shaft and magnet
  • Pondmaster Mag-Drive Replacement Impeller ONLY.
  • Multiple models available - for use with Magnetic Drive Pumps.
  • Replace poorly working or broken impellers to gain maximum efficiency and water movement from pumps.


Pondmaster Mag-Drive Pump Impeller Mag-Drive 9.5 "B" Impeller

Pondmaster Impeller Replacement for the Danner, Pondmaster and Supreme Mag-Drive Pump Model 24. The impeller is crucial to making sure your pump runs smoothly. Replace an old, cracked or worn out impeller immediately to maintain pump effectiveness.


Brand Pondmaster
UPC 025033127463
SKU 12746
Item Number L1782890930P17828
Size Mag-Drive 9.5 "B" Impeller
Weight 0.5 lbs.
Pkg Dimensions 13" (L) x 5" (W) x 5" (H)

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Reviewed by Sandie C. on Mar 23, 2021

Appears to be the same as the orignial

Reviewed by Rebecca W. on Mar 21, 2021

Great way to rebuilt your existing pump without emptying your wallet.

Reviewed by Frederick B. on Mar 20, 2021

exactly what i needed

Reviewed by Jacqueline H. on Feb 8, 2021

Perfect replacement!

Reviewed by Robert C. P. on Feb 6, 2021

Easy to install and worked fine

Reviewed by Kelsey S. on Jan 13, 2021


Reviewed by Jack D. on Jan 8, 2021

Exact replacement

Reviewed by Yasmine K. on Dec 24, 2020

It works

Reviewed by Derek G. on Dec 18, 2020

Seemed to wear out after only a year.

Reviewed by Verl B. on Dec 10, 2020

Good product

Reviewed by Michael Swindle on Dec 8, 2020

This model works only on the newer model 12B. ...

Reviewed by Chantal C. on Oct 24, 2020


Reviewed by Claretha T. on Oct 23, 2020

Great replacement part.

Reviewed by Diana Nash on Oct 7, 2020

Pond up and running

Reviewed by Lydia Bourg on Oct 1, 2020

Repaired pump perfectly

Reviewed by Naijour B. on Sep 23, 2020

Works great.

Reviewed by Dan W. on Sep 20, 2020

Pump repair is easy

Reviewed by Rene R. on Aug 12, 2020

Perfect replacement

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Your email will NOT be published or displayed.

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